At Wilson Creek Antennas we develop and build antennas made of the finest materials available.


Our goal is to become a brand name that is trusted among the amateur radio community.

At Wilson Creek Antennas we are known for our quality products and excellent customer service..


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We are Wilson Creek Antennas

"After finally moving to a country QTH I can play with real antennas without HOA woes. 

Needing to work 40 and 80 meters I purchased the BB3KA from Wilson Creek Antennas with the 160m add on. 
John and Dan were great to work with and they cut the antenna to the PSK frequencies at my request. They got it dead on AND with a tuner it workes 10 to 160 meters like a champ. 
I installed the antenna at 40' as an inverted vee. My first contact was the Midway Island DX group on 17m SSB !!!!
If you want a quality antenna at a fair price take a close look at the BB3KA, the workmanship is outstanding. 
My next wire antenna will be the Wilson Creek 17 Delta Loop!